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D Type Continuous Pulping System

The system consists of D type hydrapulper, Hydropurger, Drum screen, Ragger and Rope cutter, used to break the waste paper, separate the rejects , and to complete the continuous production.

Drum Pulper

Taking advantage of the waste paper gravity action also with the cylinder shearing and fraction action, to break and screen in coarse. Avoiding generating strong cutting action during fiber separating to protect the original length and strength of waste paper fiber, also the reject in the materials could be discharged without broken. High rejecting rate could significantly lighten the following equipment load, which is suitable for handling waste paper without separating

Coarse Screening System

Process for D type continuous pulping system with AOCC

  • In case production is higher than 300T/D, choose 4 stage processing

1st stage coarse screen with slot screen basket, 2nd stage coarse screen with hole screen basket ,3rd stage choose light reject separator ,4th stage choose drum tailings screen or reject sorter.

  • In case production is lower than 300T/D, choose 3 stage processing

1st stage coarse screen with slot or hole screen basket, 2nd stage coarse screen choose light reject separator, 3rd stage choose reject sorter or vibrating screen

Process for Drum type continuous pulping system without AOCC

  • In case production is higher than 300T/D, choose 4 stage processing

1st stage coarse screen with slot screen basket, 2nd stage coarse screen with hole screen basket ,3rd stage choose light reject separator ,4th stage choose drum tailings screen.

  • In case production is lower than 300T/D, choose 3 stage processing

1st stage coarse screen with slot or hole screen basket, 2nd stage coarse screen with light reject sep­arator or single fiber separator, 3rd stage choose reject sorter or vibrating screen.


Fractionator and Screen System

  • For Test liner paper or corrugated board paper, install MD Cleaner before fractionator and control the consistency to be around 2%, which can help maximize efficiency of fractionator and the basket life to be extended twice compared with using cleaner after fractionator, and the basket life can be 2 times longer than that using cleaner after fractionator.
  • For Test liner paper or corrugated board paper, 3 or 4 stage low consistency cleaners needed before fine screen and consistency should be around 0.8-1.2%, which control small rejects and sticky content. And then increase screening efficiency.
  • On condition of low GSM corrugated paper, fractionator is usually not needed. Reject and sticky removal should be pay attention when choosing fine screen, to get good fibers for papermaking. Conversely on condition of high GSM corrugated paper, we need relax the requirement for the fine screen, and can increase the slot size and stock consistency properly.


Drum Tailing Screen

ZGS type drum tailings screen is used to recover the fiber from tailings of the end coarse screening stage. By washing the pulp, to make the fiber go across the screen hole into the accept hoper, mean­while the plastics and other larger reject are continuously discharged into the reject chest or conveyor.

  • Used to treat the tailings of end coarse stage, the consistency is 1.2-3%
  • Closed running condition to keep the working area clean.
  • Side flushing water generate strong washing ability to avoid basket blocking
  • Low running power consumption, can replace the reject sorter and greatly save power cost

Cleaning System

The HD cleaner is mainly used remove kinds of heavy impurities in pulp, such as iron, sand and broken glass and others. So that it can reduce wear on following equipment and purify the pulp.

  • With no blocking structure design, it can continuously operate.
  • The vertical and multi-section structure make it easy to maintain and reduce the floor area.
  • Low fiber loss rate.
  • The new design of feeding topfconch shell) and perfect centrifugal purification technology maximize the purification efficiency.

LD Cleaner

LD cleaner, currently the most ideal purification device, is used to discharge the heavy impurities which density is higher than 1.

  • The unique dilution water technology can improve the treatment consistency, reduce power consumption and lessen the quantity of cleaner configuration.
  • Optimal design of feeding guarantees the maximum output and high efficiency.
  • The high consistency of impurities in slag and minimal loss fiber.
  • Keeping operating steadily when the consistency reaches to 2.2%.
  • The clear slag box makes it easy to observe.


Approach Flow System

Mix the pulp and chemicals in various proportion together with white water evenly.

  • Remove the rejects from the pulp, feeding and chemicals and increase the purity of wire.
  • Remove the air from the system as effectively as possible.
  • Disperse the pulp by this system and remove the fiber bundles and polymer.
  • Keep stock flowing into the headbox consistency, flow and peressure be stable, to decrease the pulse action generated by the equipment(pump and screen) as far as possible.

Reduce the necessary recovering time after adjusting paper kind or process.

Disc Thickener

ZNP disc thickener is mainly used to concentrate the low-consistency stock, use the liquid level difference between outer disc stock and insider disc white water to filtrate, as a kind of gravity type de-watering equipment.

  • The filtrating face include multi group discs to increase the efficient area. Generally in equivalent land, the efficient filtrating area of disc thickener is 3.5-4.5 times than round thickener.
  • High capacity, low power consumption
  • The filtrating disc is assembled of multi stainless fan-shaped steel plates, with covering stainless filtrating wire. Strong structure and stand wear and tear, easy assembly.


DD Series Double Disc Refiner

DD series double disc refiner is used for chemical wood pulp, mechanical pulp and waste paper pulping process, different profiled disc can be used for different pulp. With auto-control system, can achieve beating in constant power or power consumption.

DD series double disc refiner has a long usage history with mature technology, and we improved and optimized this machine on the base.

  • Equipped with specified disassembly device, easy replacement of discs, reduce the shut-down time. Adopt integral base to make installation easier and shorten the installing period.
  • Spine connection of disc and main shaft, flexible knife feed and retract, more secure.
  • Simplify the control system interface to make operation easier.


JBX type agitator is used to agitating and mixing the pulp, adopt international advanced technology for the impeller, optimized fluidic vane design and the angle is adjustable, easy operation and maintenance.

  • The adjustable vane angle can optimize the mixing efficiency.
  • Integrated design with easy operation and maintenance.

Virgin Pulper

Mainly used to break commercial wood pulp, with high pulping consistency ranging from 5% to 8%, and low power consumption charac­teristics. Could work in both intermittent and continuous way.

Broke Pulper

Used to break the wet and dry broke paper under the papernaking machine.

  • Processing consistency could highly be 5-6%
  • High pulping efficiency, the capacity of one set could equal to which of two old type
  • High capacity and low power con­sumption

Integral structure makes it easier for disassemble and maintenance.

The high precision laser machine is imported from Germany and its positioning accuracy reach to

±0. 01mm.

  • lljSfSftra , t^H?b|I|±01mm 1.0-3.2mm
  • High opening rate and large screening net area.
  • With high accuracy of slot width, the error range is iO.Olmm.
  • The slot width of slot screen basket is 0.1-0.7mm, while hole screen basket is 1.0-3.2mm.
  • Dispose corresponding bars according to different pulp and screening position.
  • Chroming on surface prolongs the using life.

Screen Plate for Pulper

  • The material of screen plate is wear resistant alloy, after heat treated, it has high wear resistant ability and long using life.

Both sides of plate can be used, and using them interchangeably can prolong its using life

  • The scientific holes layout maximize the opening rate, which increase the pulp throughput.

Impeller for Pulper

  • Strong breaking ability, high production and low power consumption
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Blade and aileron are welding structure and can be replaced and maintained easily which reduce the usage cost.
  • The material of blade is wear resistant alloy, after heat treated, the using life is prolonged significantly.